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By Crystal Lindell, PNN Columnist

I started taking kratom for my chronic pain almost four years ago. I have a debilitating pain in my right ribs which has been diagnosed as intercostal neuralgia. Until I found kratom, nothing over the counter had ever helped at all – not even the magical blend of Tylenol and Advil that doctors have been touting lately.

The only problem with kratom is that the leaves, when ground to a powder, taste like dry earth. But when you’re in pain and find something that works, you tend to overlook things like awful taste. I got used to it by the ‘throw and wash’ method: putting a spoonful of kratom powder under my tongue, then washing it off with a non-carbonated drink, usually Gatorade.

But that’s not ideal, and the bad taste makes it difficult to recommend kratom to people who might benefit from it, especially as doctors continue to limit access to prescription pain relievers.

So when I recently had the chance to try kratom candy and other new formulations, I was excited. Kratom taffy, kratom chocolate, soft kratom gels and even kratom seltzer? Are these the kratom edibles I’ve been waiting for?

In short: sort of.

Below, I offer a review of each, ranking them on a 5-star scale and offering pros and cons for each product.

But first, a little background. I jumped into this comparison by comparing all of the items to my personal kratom: loose kratom powder. The powder tends to ease my pain in about 3 minutes and is relatively inexpensive. I usually get it in bulk at my local tobacco store for around $ 150 a pound, which comes down to around 70 cents for 5 mg. dose. I usually take a dose every 3 to 5 hours when I am awake, depending on the intensity of my pain.

Readers should also be aware that this review is not sponsored by any kratom vendors or brands, although the companies have sent me these articles for me to try for free. We contacted several kratom sellers and asked them to send us samples, and CBD Kratom and PurKratom obligatory.

Let’s take a look at the various new kratom products.

Raw Kratom Taffy ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

Let’s start with what ended up being my new favorite product: Raw Kratom Taffy.

CBD Kratom sells it in several varieties, so that consumers can buy a piece of red maeng da, white maeng, green maeng and golden maeng da taffy.

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