A group that has raised thousands is set to hold a charity event to benefit Kidney Care

A GROUP from Rochford who have raised thousands of dollars for charity, are holding a new concert to raise money for Kidney Care UK.

This will be the last of the annual fundraisers organized by Da Management and will take place at the Rochford Hundred Golf Club.

John Bobin, the band’s bassist from the 1950s to 1970s, said: “I usually pick the charities we support. This year it’s Kidney Care UK. I have a rare kidney condition, and luckily it’s currently mastered by a plethora of I am very lucky to be looked after so well, others are not so lucky, and Kidney Care UK helps these people.

“Da Management are just nice guys and we want to support worthy causes, entertaining the public who also want to help raise funds.

“Because Da Management musicians offer their services for free and support acts follow, we are able to fundraise with every penny going to select charities.

“Rochford Hundred Golf Club are also very supportive. They let us use their bar and function room free of charge, and we print our own tickets and leaflets.”

He added, “Da Management has been organizing charity concerts since 2014 when we started performing together.

“We have organized concerts in aid of Little Havens, Cancer Research UK, Greek Animal Rescue and Macmillan Cancer Support.

“Da Management have raised over £4,000 so far with these gigs. Additionally, I have set up my own charity projects to raise a further £8,000.

“One of my musical charity ideas had 69 acts playing songs by Mickey Jupp (an old friend of mine and former bandmate of The Orioles and Legend) in 22 countries.

“I have also written five books for charity and taken charity bike rides. My side activities have raised funds for NHS Charities Together, HARP, East Anglian Children’s Hospices. Little Havens and Greek Animal Rescue.”

The fundraising concert takes place on Friday August 19 at the Hall Road club.

People can get tickets by contacting John Bobin on 01268 770484 or emailing [email protected]

Da Management is a five-piece band that plays music from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

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