Ambassador Degnan’s remarks to the media at the Wounded Warrior charity event

Over the years, more than 15,000 Georgian soldiers have served and fought alongside American soldiers and NATO allies in various operations and countries. While most returned safely to Georgia, some made the ultimate sacrifice for their country and for freedom, and we are forever

Qn about the event

Ambassador Kelly Degnan: It is a huge privilege for me to be here at this event to honor the hundreds of Georgians who have been injured serving their country as soldiers. The United States is deeply honored to have helped establish the Wounded Warrior Center, including a contribution of over $4 million to help it become operational. We are continuing this support at the center because it is such an important agency here supporting the wounded warriors of Georgia. Most recently, we sent two injured soldiers to the United States for hospital treatment at no cost to the soldiers or the Georgian government. This is a wonderful and important contribution to the people who are so important to the defense of Georgia: the soldiers, their families and their loved ones who support them. And the United States will continue its close partnership with the Wounded Warrior Center, including expanding what we do together into rehabilitation care. Events like this tonight are a time to recognize and thank wounded warriors and all of Georgia’s Defense Forces, and of course their families and loved ones who support them. It is a real honor for me to be here this evening, to thank them and to demonstrate the respect and gratitude of the United States for their sacrifice. Thanks.

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