Cannabis Co. of Rachael Rapinoe, Mendi and skater Leo Baker hosted a charity event in Detroit

All-natural brand of salvaged cannabis MENDI recently added Michigan’s leading cannabis retailer Cannabis jars (JARS) as a new business partner for 2021.

To celebrate this partnership, the brands, as well as the professional skateboarder ambassador Leo Baker gathered for a real community event, WAKE-N-SKATE, in support of Community Push, a Detroit-based nonprofit that bridges the gap between skateboarders and their communities.

WAKE-N-SKATE was held at the Bishop DIY Skatepark in Detroit last Friday and included a build of new park-exclusive features, a park-wide cleanup and an intimate chat with Leo Baker. Additionally, JARS donated $ 5,000 to support Community Push and its initiatives across Detroit.

“We are delighted to partner with JARS Cannabis stores in the State of Michigan and their locations in Arizona. They are a premier retailer and like-minded partner to us as we continue to grow our business footprint and brand visibility nationwide. Most importantly, we feel honored to bring our team and Leo Baker to Detroit this Friday the 22nd to support a local nonprofit, Community Push, to help rebuild skate parks in Detroit to promote health, the well-being and movement in the community ”, Rachel Rapinoé, Mendi’s CEO told Benzinga.

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