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When it comes to Salman Khan Charity works, hundreds of people would tell you about the help Bhaijaan from Bollywood has given them. Salman Khan has always been involved in charitable works for the betterment of society. Being Human Foundation, founded by the Bollywood star in 2007, provides free education and health care services to the less privileged in India.

The charities of Salman Khan

  • According to a report on Indiatimes, Salman Khan only uses 10% of his total income and the rest of the money goes to charity.
  • In 2010, Salman Khan announced to donate his bone marrow.
  • Being Human was started by Salman Khan in 2007. Being Human funds the education and medical expenses of hundreds of less privileged children.

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  • The Being Human Foundation provides assistance to people with severe facial deformities, aka craniofacial deformities, cochlear implants, eye camps, women’s health camps, and other wellness programs.
  • Some of the initiatives taken by the foundation are “Maharashtra Drought Relief Initiative”, “Kashmir Flood Relief Initiative” and many others.
  • Before being human, Salman Khan used to visit Manovikas Kendras & ONG for the treatment of a disadvantaged part of the society.

The charities of Salman Khan

  • In 2010, during the Dabangg shooting, Salman distributed around 200 bicycles to street children.
  • When Salman Khan’s Kick was winning big, the actor announced on Twitter that children who have heart disease and cannot afford the treatment, Being Human, will treat 100 genuine patients.
  • While filming Bajrangi Bhaijaan, he also tried to provide a livelihood for one of the sons of a Kashmiri family who was struggling to make ends meet. The only son of the family was also given work on the sets for his film.
  • Besides the regular charities, Salman Khan continues from time to time to find ways to win more hearts and admirers and receive their blessings. He adds his unique style in everything that does it. In 2015, Salman and his team from Bajrangi Bhaijaan also painted the entire Hatluni village in Karjat, as the houses were mostly made of mud and wood, with tin or thatch roofs.

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  • Salman Khan loves to paint. According to reports, Salman auctioned off some of his paintings and donated all the money to the Being Human Foundation.

The charities of Salman Khan

Well, when it comes to Salman Khan’s charity, it’s as huge as his fame. People have different opinions on him considering an active legal process on his behalf. But I think there is better than charity?

One of the many instances where Salman gave a helping hand to those in need was when after attending a party, Salman Khan found street children selling coloring books outside. of the place. Since Salman only carries credit cards, he borrowed money from his bodyguards and bought all the books. There are many such small but touching gestures made by Bhai to those in need.

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