Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield shows off his power at Jarvis Landry charity event

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield participated in the Jarvis Landry softball charity event in Lake County where the captains play ahead of the team’s mandatory minicamp which begins Tuesday. Mayfield tied with Agent Landry for victory in the circuit derby. Each of them hit seven in two rounds.

There is no shortage of clips from the event showing Mayfield ramming the ball deep with at least one making it through the stadium’s traditional outside wall.

Half the battle is how to properly put the bat on the ball to get the ball out of the stadium, which is trickier for some players who have simply never played. However, there is something of value here.

The ability to twist and couple while swinging the bat many of the same muscles a quarterback uses to throw the ball. Thus, the ability to drive the ball with this core force is indicative of the force in that area of ​​the body.

Interestingly, Mayfield hits a southpaw while he’s right-handed while throwing the ball. It would be more natural with his throwing movement to be able to drive the ball with the same movement as he throws it.

Considering Mayfield put so much effort into strengthening his core during the offseason to try and improve on what is already a stronger arm than you think, this could be the first hint of a payoff for this job. .

In fact, some quarterbacks will train with a baseball bat to work that strength and movement. It is much more useful and translates more efficiently than throwing a baseball. Throwing a soccer ball is more about using the trunk of the body to drive the ball, while throwing a baseball has a lot more to do with this whipping motion of the arm.

That’s something New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston did as an example.

It doesn’t matter that Mayfield is tied for victory in the event, but it’s at least interesting that he was able to show so much power on a ball with so little speed to get it through- above the outer field wall. Mayfield managed to throw the ball 75 yards into the air against the Baltimore Ravens during Monday Night Football last year. Along with the work he has done to improve his core strength, that’s another reason to look forward to seeing him come back on the pitch and throw passes.

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