COP26: UK Green Building Council launches new network in Scotland

The UK Green Building Council launched a new network in Scotland at COP26.

Supporting and fostering the sustainability of the built environment sector in Scotland will be the key objective of a new permanent Scottish presence in the UK.

It was launched at an event in the blue zone at the climate summit in Glasgow yesterday. Guest speakers included Zero Carbon Housing Minister Patrick Harvie.

UKGBC’s new Scottish Network will develop a program focused on the political environment and progressive industry sectors in Scotland, with the potential to address the unique needs and opportunities posed by the Scottish Government’s ambitious goals for the transition to a net zero built environment by 2045, five years ahead of the UK-wide target.

Founded in London in 2007, UKGBC is a charity and industry-led network of over 600 members who collectively view the built environment sector as a critical solution to climate and ecological crises.

Julie Hirigoyen, UKGBC Managing Director, said: “Today’s announcement of the launch of UKGBC Scotland responds to our long-standing ambition to establish a permanent network here, building on the solid foundation sector support that already exists. We are extremely proud to be able to launch in the context of COP26 and to highlight the essential role that the built environment plays in the transition to net zero.

“UKGBC Scotland will translate our mission to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment in terms of specific political, business, socio-economic and physical built assets in Scotland, and accelerate the transition to a net zero carbon built environment here.

“We are here to support and represent progressive voices spanning the entire built environment value chain in Scotland.”

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Harvie said: “Scotland’s Heat in Buildings Strategy sets the way forward to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our homes and buildings by more than two-thirds by 2030. Our ambition is important, and rightly so given the urgent action that is needed if we are to have any chance of limiting warming to below 1.5 ° C. This is a huge transition, affecting communities, businesses and households across Scotland and we must all work together to make it happen. I therefore warmly welcome the UK Green Building Council’s intention to establish a permanent presence in Scotland. Their expertise will be invaluable as we work with the industry to provide cleaner, greener buildings for the people of Scotland. ”

UKGBC Scotland held launch events in Glasgow last night and more will take place in Edinburgh on Monday, as it has already appointed its first permanent member of staff based in Scotland.

The new network will bring together diverse members of built environment organizations, while enabling an accelerated transition to a more sustainable built environment by developing region-specific guidance, showcasing Scottish solutions.

New UKGBC Scotland Member David MacInnes, Energy Manager at HFD Energy, said: “We are proud to be a founding member of the UKGBC Scotland Network – sustainability is at the heart of what we do in the UKGBC Scotland Network. our entire group of companies. By joining UKGBC Scotland, which has a clear focus on the Scottish built environment sector, we aim to lay the groundwork for sharing and implementing best practice in our buildings.

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