Couple host two-day country music charity event to thank cancer charities


Husband and wife, Rick and Sherri Naylor of Llanfallteg, hosted a two-day country music thank you fundraiser event to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support and the Old Mill Foundation.

The event, which will be held at Snooty Fox in Martletwy, Pembrokeshire, will run over two nights on Friday October 1 and Saturday October 2. On both evenings, Rick and Sherri will be joined by Richard Howell on pedal steel guitar, as well as their friend, singer, Huw Evans with Billy Ware providing line dance music between acts.

Speaking about the reasons the couple hosted the event to raise funds to help people living with cancer, Sherri said: This is the first opportunity we have to do this and although Rick is feeling pretty strong.

“Rick’s diagnosis was a terrible shock and had a powerful impact on our lives. He was told, “Oh, you’re not going to get better… but be positive”. There isn’t a day when these words don’t ring in our heads, but we’ve decided to focus on ourselves and do the things that are important to us. Conversations with hospitals are about treatment, not about someone’s mental state.

“We reached out to the Macmillan Cancer Information Support Service team at the hospital where Rick receives his treatments, which was so reassuring because in the early stages of diagnosis there were so many raw emotions to deal with that were quite damaging. to our well-being.

“Initially, Rick had phone advice through the hospital team as the lockdown started, while I was talking to my friends, but over time I don’t want to burden them with thoughts. and the overwhelming emotions I continue to have. .

“We are very grateful to Rick for receiving his treatment throughout the pandemic; However, there were some communication issues with the hospital that left us so stressed and frustrated, but the Macmillan Helpline (MSL) was there to let us let off steam and help us through these times. difficult. Rick initially only told me about his diagnosis, so I handed him the phone and he was talking to someone on MSL – which was a huge relief to hear it pass to someone else.

Rick and Sherri also received practical advice from a Macmillan Welfare Benefits advisor, whose role is to provide free and confidential advice on social benefits so that people living with cancer, their families and their caregivers can get support. financial to which they are entitled.

Speaking of the help the couple received from counselor Macmillan, Sherri said: “We are fortunate to have never needed benefits and didn’t know where to start but a Welfare Benefits Advisor Macmillan helped us. Rick’s employers, Birch Utilities, were also very supportive, for which we are very grateful.

The couple were also keen to find other support to help Rick manage the symptoms of his cancer diagnosis and had access to therapy and counseling from the Old Mill Foundation in Narberth.

Rick and Sherri, who have been married for 32 years, have high hopes for the two-day fundraiser. Speaking about the music event, Sherri said, “I’m sure it will be emotional, but we are really looking forward to it and hope it will be a successful event.”

Although Sherri has worked as a singer and artist for most of her life, Rick’s musical career is more recent. Speaking about her career, Sherri said: “For over 40 years of my life I have been a singer and artist, but as a result of voice issues a few years ago, I lost confidence in myself and I was about to reluctantly give it up. That’s when Rick decided he wanted to learn to play guitar. Then he started to join me on stage, not only on guitar, but with his guitar. Newly discovered singing voice Rick really enjoys singing and looks like he’s been on stage his entire life.

“The words ‘Go and do the things you want to do’ have been wisely recommended to many people who are going through what we are going through, and we try to be as positive as possible.”

The Snooty Fox generously provide the venue for free and allow those attending the event to have the use of their campsite if they wish to stay. There will be a raffle on both nights. If you are looking for more information about this event, please call 07974 449153

Speaking about Country Music Fundraising, Sue Reece, Relationship Fundraiser at Macmillan, said, “I know this event means a lot to Rick and Sherri. Rick’s diagnosis and then the pandemic meant the couple hadn’t performed on stage for over 18 months – but it will be good nights for them and everyone in the audience.

“Sherri explained how Macmillan helped her and Rick through a very difficult time. Our Macmillan hotline and local cancer information and support services have been invaluable to them during this time. Right now, too many people with cancer are not getting the support they need. Macmillan does whatever it takes to support people with cancer – we’re on the phone, we’re online, our Macmillan volunteers support people throughout treatment, and our Macmillan healthcare professionals work tirelessly but we rely almost entirely on the donation public to do this.

The Macmillan helpline at 0808 808 00 00 (open seven days a week) has specially trained nurses and cancer information specialists who can provide information and counseling, as well as emotional support, to help people with cancer cope. the added pressure of the coronavirus pandemic.


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