Duchess of Cornwall visits game-changing Milton Keynes charity training dogs to detect coronavirus – MKFM 106.3FM


The Duchess of Cornwall visited Medical Detection Dogs in Milton Keynes today to meet the dogs who are trained to detect the coronavirus.

The association trains dogs to detect the scent of human diseases, with the aim of improving diagnosis and is at the forefront of research in the fight against cancer.

Great Horwood-based Medical Detection Dogs is also currently investigating whether bio-detection dogs can be trained to detect COVID-19.

And today, Camilla, the patron saint of the association, visited the puppies to see them in action during their training.

The Duchess said: ‘From the minute I visited you I knew there was something very special about these dogs and as we saw today with Covid, how quickly they learn to sniff the scent.

“It will be a watershed moment for this country and the world, and fortunately, it is Britain that is leading the way.

“But we need help, we need more positive samples.

“If we can ask all hospitals to please, please give these samples to medical detection dogs as they will help save thousands of lives, and I think that is so important.”

“In addition, we need more dogs, we need more owners, we need more foster homes…

“This is a game changer and I really urge everyone, if they can, to please help us.”

Camilla attended a demonstration in an indoor training room where a dog, a cocker spaniel called Asher, sniffed the COVID sample on four others at a stand. Asher had only been trained on the coronavirus for two days.

The Duchess said it was an “exciting time” and it was “amazing” that the dog could do it in such a short time.

Medical detection dogs are already sniffing samples for the scent of cancer, malaria, Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses.

And if the ongoing trials are successful, dogs could soon be deployed to airports to detect if people have the virus – even if they are asymptomatic.


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