ESPN’s Marcus Spears talks about Dak Prescott at charity event

LEWISVILLE, TX – Former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears and his team placed third in the 2021 Sports + Outdoors Academy Bassmaster Classic Celebrity Fishing Tournament on Lake Lewisville on June 9.

Spears won $ 1,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Louisiana, and says he is honored to have the opportunity to give back to an organization that has helped him and his family grow up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

“They were doing the most work in the area where I grew up,” Spears said. “They were there. They were visible. I got to go see them and see what they were doing. I bond with them and they always do a great job.

Although Spears fished “at home” on a body of water he loved when playing for Dallas from 2005-2012, Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders finished first and country duo Maddie & Tae placed second.

“Deion Sanders’ team won, but I think it was fixed,” Spears joked.

The ESPN commentator, who appears regularly on First Take and Get Up, has also taken the time to talk about the Cowboys and their direction in 2021 given Dan Quinn’s hiring as defensive coordinator.

“I expect them to be better,” Spears said. “Going from 32 to your 20s with that offense and where I expect them to be, you’re a competitive team in this league. I don’t choose them to win the Super Bowl. I don’t think they’re that good, but I really think they’re the best team in this division based on the coaching changes that have been made, based on a COVID-free season, on the based on playing with five offensive linemen who had never started an NFL game.

The most optimistic part of the Cowboys’ outlook for 2021 revolves around signing quarterback Dak Prescott to a long-term deal and his speedy recovery from a broken ankle suffered on October 11, 2020.

Said Spears, “Look, Dallas is lucky to have Dak. Dak has lost her mom. Like, this is the worst. So the guy is made to last. He’s built to be a leader, a strong guy. This stuff would affect a normal person a little more. I firmly believe it. I’m a fan of a lot of guys in this league, but Dak is there for me. Obviously, the loss of his brother and his ability to deal with it, being transparent about what he was going through mentally. Dude, Dallas is in good hands, man. I was on TV everyday saying “pay man” because that was more than being a good quarterback. It was about this guy who showed you not only is a good quarterback, the team, the way the team responded when he tore his ankle told you he was the undisputed leader of this football team. And then you saw how catastrophic it was when he wasn’t there.

Cowboys fans are hoping the abysmal times are behind them, and Dallas can at least meet, if not exceed, Spears’ expectations for an NFC East title in 2021.

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