Fodders charity event hits £ 100,000 milestone

SUPER fundraiser Brian Foden has hit his goal of £ 100,000.

He hosted a Charity Golf Day for Captains – affectionately known as the Fodders Charity Event – at the Alderley Edge Golf Club for 25 years.

The latest charity rally featured 60 golfers participating in a successful day of golf, a meal and a chance to raise more funds at the evening’s auction.

He underlined in a moving speech the motivation behind the organization of the first event.

“I started the event in June 1996 after my mother died in March,” he said.

“She had used the ‘mast scanner’ at Macclesfield Hospital and we wanted to fundraise in her memory.

“I was only going to have one event, but everyone told me I had to continue this fundraising for different charities. And so the golf event continued for the next 25 years. ! ”

A number of good causes have benefited from it.

“Over the years, we’ve raised money for at least 15 charities and ended in 2021 supporting this year’s captain’s charity, Stockport MIND,” he said.

“At the last event – my last event – we raised a fantastic £ 5,200 which brought us to our final total of £ 100,840, surpassing the original target of 100,000.

“I have appreciated the fantastic and generous support from past captains, individuals, members and companies who have contributed to our success.

“So to all of you who over the 25 years who have played, helped, supported and donated prizes, I extend my thanks. Also to the Alderley Edge Golf Club and all the staff for arranging golf and post golf activities in the clubhouse.

“Finally, a special thank you to my family – Angela, Jordan and Luke – for supporting the ‘old man’.”

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