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FABULOUS FUNDRAISER: Left to right, Tracey Rontree, Lynn Kippax of Mossley AFC, Lisa Watson and Joanne Magilton.

Four friends raise funds as they count down the dates for this year’s Benidorm or Bust charity rally.

The all-female team are aiming to raise £10,000 for the Willow Wood Hospices in Ashton and Dr Kershaws in Oldham.

A final fundraiser at Mossley AFC on Saturday saw them already crack the £9,000 mark before they even took their place on next month’s ‘starting grid’ for the rally proper.

Team member Joanne Magilton, who will be at the helm alongside two of her colleagues, said: ‘We were originally due to take part in the charity rally in May 2020 – but Covid got in our way.

“We have worked very hard since February to raise funds with various events at local pubs, and our hard work has paid off and incredibly we have now raised over £9,000 – so we are well on our way to breaking our £10,000 Goal.

Joanne explained: “The purpose of Benidorm or Bust is to raise money for two charities close to our hearts, Dr Kershaw’s and Willow Wood.

“One way or another, we have been touched by the incredible work these organizations have done to care for family and friends at the end of life.”

BOOST: The Mossley AFC team

The team will depart from Greenfield arriving in Dover on May 9 in time for check-in and the start point on May 10.

We sure won’t miss them as they roll around in their hot pink Skoda Octavia and plan to enjoy 80s hits along the way.

Fifty cars are competing in this year’s rally and they will travel through France and Spain to complete various stages before “passing the checkered flag” in Benidorm on May 14.

“We are really excited about our once-in-a-lifetime adventure,” Joanne said.

Joanne’s accompanying friends are Louise Kershaw, Tracey Rontree and Lisa Watson.

On Saturday, the friends were at Mossley AFC to raise more funds and sell ‘calendar’ dates strapped to the side of the car, providing sponsorship opportunities for individuals or businesses who book appointments.

Joanne added: “We can also offer corporate sponsorship on our car for a fee of £150 for two logos or £100 for one logo.”

People can buy a date on the car for a minimum donation of £5 – they can then sign the car themselves on the chosen date – although the number of remaining dates is now decreasing.

You can follow the team on the Facebook page BOB82 does Benidorm or Bust – or donate on the web page

Tune in to Thursday night’s Reporter show on Tameside Radio 103.6FM from 7pm for more from Joanne’s rally.

Pictures by Nigel Wood

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