Glenrothes cable network company turns 50

Ian Wilkie: “We continue to invest in Glenrothes – in new products, new equipment and also in our people.

Few people think of the connections and cables that allow us to communicate around the world, watch smart TVs, make online bank transfers, store valuable data, run hospitals and schools.

But as Leviton Network Solutions Europe’s manufacturing plant in Glenrothes turns 50, it’s time to reflect and look to the future.

This local company has been in business for half a century and marked the anniversary by giving back to the community

Ian Wilkie, managing director of Leviton’s UK operations since 2016, said the company – locally remembered by many as Brand-Rex, a name it carried from its inception in 1972 until 2018 – is one of two manufacturing sites in the UK.

Leviton bought the company in 2015, and it itself has a long history, founded in 1906 in New York to manufacture gas mantles for lighting.

Today, the Glenrothes plant employs over 200 people and has a global customer base, providing cabling and connectivity systems for data networks used in almost every walk of life.

From hospital patient scans to global sporting events – this Glenrothes company provides the road system for the invisible data highway

The Glenrothes manufacturing plant manufactures copper and fiber optic cables used for many networks, including broadcasting previous Olympic and Commonwealth Games around the world!

“If there are computers on desks that go into wall outlets and cables in offices below floors, they could have been made here,” Ian said. “It is an invisible but essential infrastructure that carries information for everything from airport traffic control to banking services to vast cloud computers.

The factory became carbon neutral in 2011 – ahead of its time. Not only has it sought to reduce its consumption of energy and raw materials – a difficult task when certain parts are imported and many products exported – but it has also endeavored to ensure that where it does not couldn’t reduce, he gave back, by supporting environmental projects.

The success is such that the American parent company uses the Fife experience in its global sustainability plans.

As part of the Half-Century, Leviton is forging long-term alliances with the local community. Leviton supports the Muirhead Outreach Project, a Glenrothes-based charity that works with young people and their families to keep them together through difficult times. Leviton supports Auchmuty High School with the Developing Young Workforce initiative. The company sponsored a school to build an electric car for a national competition. As part of their ongoing commitment to keeping plastic pellets out of the ocean, staff participate in the Great Nurdle Hunt to comb the beaches for plastic pellets that harm ocean wildlife.

Despite the challenges of recent events – new fire regulations affecting manufacturing, Brexit affecting exports, COVID, staff, global supply issues and soaring energy costs, Ian says the business is strong and has an exciting future.

“We continue to invest in Glenrothes – in new products, new equipment and also in our people.”

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