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Saving Young Saints, Saint Seiya Awakening: The Knights of the Zodiac charity event hosted by Gtarcade took place, raising funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) in Singapore.

Since its launch in 2019, Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac, the RPG game developed by Tencent, published by Gtarcade and licensed by Kurumada Productions continues to gain popularity among game players and manga fans. In this classic manga, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, war, strategy and hope, protects peace and love on earth with the saints.

In the real world, there are also people who need help. Thus, the Saving Young Saints charity event is organized by Gtarcade, with the aim of building a community of peace and love.

– Introduction to the safeguarding of young saints

Saving Young Saints is a charity event. 100% of the net proceeds from sales of exclusive in-game packs during this event will be donated to the Children’s Cancer Foundation to support children and families affected by cancer.

Players can donate by purchasing packs. Each type of pack is only available for purchase once. The fundraising event will last for three weeks. From December 22 to January 12, exclusive packs are available for purchase. The CCF will manage the revenue. The organization will detail where the money is allocated in its annual report. Peng Hai Ying, CEO of the Children’s Cancer Foundation also expressed his appreciation for the charity event:

“We are grateful to Youzu Singapore for once again supporting CCF with a fundraising initiative. Since 2021, the Saint Seiya gaming community has raised more than $ 400,000 to improve the quality of life for children and families affected by cancer. Their efforts have enabled players in the virtual world to become a catalyst for change in the real world. “

– Introduction to the Children’s Cancer Foundation Singapore

The Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. (CCF) is an independent, not-for-profit foundation that is not affiliated with any national charity. Since 1983, the Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. has raised more than $ 41 million for hospitals and researchers in the region to treat and cure childhood cancers.

The donation from the Saving Young Saints charity can be used for the following projects:

1) Case work and counseling, multi-faceted and unique to each family, based on the diagnosis, child and family developmental needs and their ability to cope.

2) Therapeutic play, to help a child master the stages of cognitive, emotional, physical and social development, and to react more constructively to the experiences associated with the diagnosis of cancer.

3) Financial assistance, to support children and families affected by cancer and facing financial difficulties. The FA plan includes food and maintenance, transport, medical costs, and tuition assistance.

4) Psychosocial support, to help children promote normalcy and cope with the challenges of treatment, recovery and return to the community.

5) Strategic alliance and practice research, to create an environment that enables and supports medical treatment for children affected by cancer.

Burn your cosmos saints!

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