Guns’ N Hoses warns of ticket scams targeting its November charity event

ST. LOUIS – Budweiser Guns’ N Hoses returns to the Enterprise Center on Wednesday, November 24. Less than two months before the event, the organization learned of ticket scams, targeting people trying to purchase tickets for the charity event.

“Last year it was canceled due to COVID, so we’re very excited to come back in person, but also to be able to host this televised event, present it to people’s homes,” Guns’ N president said. Hoses, David Stokes.

“It’s quite disappointing to hear about it especially since we are trying to support a great cause and people are taking advantage of this situation is very disappointing.”

Charity Fight Night benefits Backstoppers, an organization that supports the families of first responders who gave their lives while doing their duty or suffered a life-changing injury.

Stokes said the crooks were selling fake tickets on the other hand, for more than they actually cost.

“We actually found out about this because someone who had ordered 10 tickets called us and said, ‘hey, I’m so glad to order these tickets, I was surprised the price was so high’, and we found out he bought from a fake site and he paid $ 50 more.

Stokes said the organization alerted authorities.

“Unfortunately, it’s hard to know who is doing it, but we can investigate the sites, which we are working with the police to track and try to stop it in its tracks. “

The real website,, has a banner that alerts people to it saying, “DISCLAIMER: THIS IS THE ONLY SITE WITH THE AUTHENTICATION LINK TO PURCHASE TICKETS FOR THE GUNS N HOSES 2021 EVENT “.

Stokes said if you’ve recently purchased tickets and want to make sure they’re legitimate, contact the Enterprise Center Box Office at 314-622-5400 or by email.

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