HBKU Presents Unique UN SDG Training for Qatar Charity

The College of Islamic Studies (CIS) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) collaborated with Qatar Charity to present a unique workshop using LEGO Serious Play (LSP) as part of the organization’s employee training program.

The four-hour session with 13 employees from various departments of Qatar Charity explored how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relate to their respective charitable projects in education, health, protection social and water supply.

They were able to reflect personal and shared work experiences in a model built with LEGO bricks. Certified LSP Facilitator, Dr. Evren Tok, Associate Dean of Innovation and Community Engagement and Associate Professor of Islam and Global Affairs, CIS, presented the workshop with Bayan Khaled, Researcher, and Alina Zaman, college research assistant.

Alreem Al Ali, a student of Islam and Global Affairs at CIS, who is also an employee of Qatar Charity, provided extensive support in facilitating the training. Millennium Development Goals.

Participants were given individual prompts to reflect their understanding of the chosen SDG in a template. They then moved on to shared models, before engaging in systems thinking – a holistic approach to better understanding the interactions between different experiences.

Participants worked in groups to build a model based on their experience working on a specific charity project. Among these were models that reflected Qatar Charity’s strategies and linked them to water supply and economic empowerment projects, while others used the LEGO bricks to reflect projects aimed at empowering orphans.

Dr. Tok commented after the event: “We appreciate the opportunity to support the humanitarian and development goals of Qatar Charity. Our participants were enthusiastic and focused, and we believe the session gave them the tools for creative thinking and problem solving in their work that can serve efforts to achieve the SDGs globally. Sessions are an essential medium that encourages participants to unleash their hidden artistic skills by expressing their views on various issues in a streamlined and fluent format.

The structure of the workshop has been designed to help participants break down communication barriers and encourage them to think beyond horizons so that they can effectively contribute to the activities.

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