Help employees with PSLF loan forgiveness documentation, OPM tells agencies

The memo comes just before the Oct. 31 deadline to apply under a waiver to get credit for loan repayments that aren’t generally eligible. Image: Vitalii Vodolazskyi/

The OPM has asked federal agencies to assist their employees who apply for loan forgiveness under the Civil Service Loan Forgiveness Program by certifying their employment, as long as an employee’s official personnel file “contains documents confirming claimed federal employment”.

The memo comes just before the Oct. 31 deadline to apply under a waiver that allows borrowers to receive credit for past repayments that would otherwise meet loan forgiveness standards under the program. .

The program allows loan forgiveness under several programs for those who have been current with their monthly payments for 10 years. The waiver period provides potential eligibility for eligibility for certain non-direct loans under the program and expands eligibility under certain circumstances, including payments that were not made on time or for the full amount, and for payments made through reimbursement plans other than standard reimbursement plans. .

The OPM said that for the purposes of standard applications and for employees seeking to take advantage of the waiver period, it has previously recommended that agencies provide employees with an agency point of contact who will certify that the individual has worked for the agency during the period claimed.

“To further assist federal employees, the OPM recommends that employment agencies certify their federal employees’ prior federal service performed at another federal agency, if the OPF in the custody of the employment agency contains documents confirming claimed federal employment,” the memo reads.

Agencies should also help ensure that employees have used the correct employer identification number for each agency where they have worked, he said, and should “assist in the proper processing of forms by ensuring that the certifications are in an acceptable format, such as a handwritten signature or a photo”. with a hand-drawn signature.

Loan relief applicants who no longer work for the federal government and are applying for credit for federal employment time must obtain certification from the National Center for Personnel Records, the memo on says, which includes contact details to do so.

Further information on the PSLF program and the waiver is available at

Note: The PSLF program is separate from the program recently announced by the Biden administration providing up to $20,000 in loan forgiveness under certain circumstances, a program that is being challenged in court; more information about this program is at

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