HYPPADEC reaffirms its commitment to train 5,000 young people from 6 states on vocational skills every year – The Sun Nigeria

From Charity Nwakaudu, Abuja

The Hydroelectric Power Generation Areas Development Commission reaffirmed its commitment to train approximately 5,000 young people from affected communities in the six HYPPADEC states annually on various skills for self-reliance.

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Chairman of the Board, Terfa Ityav said so during the opening ceremony of the 6th Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors, which was held yesterday in Abuja.

He pointed out that besides training 5,000 young people from the affected Member States on different skills annually, scholarships have also been given to students to reduce the poverty rate.

“And there are a lot of people who suffer from health problems. And that was one of the reasons we did Medical Outreach. Ditto for the scholarships that have also been granted.

“Most of the communities we found lacked clean water, we quickly awarded contracts for the supply of boreholes. And in places where the rate of insecurity is high, we have provided motorcycles to self-defense groups which have been handed over to them through their traditional chiefs,” he said.

Director General Abubakar Sadiq Yelwa lamented that the commission was unable to create an enabling environment for affected member states due to inability to access their resources.

“We are working earnestly with the federal government to ensure that what is owed to us is released to reduce the suffering of affected communities.

Speaking on flood management, he said the commission, working with host community leaders, is sensitizing members on its effects and how it could be avoided.

“We periodically endeavor to sponsor flood warnings in various media in affected states, particularly radio, television and local community languages. And this has greatly contributed to reducing the level of problem in case of flooding.

“Besides the awareness program, we are also reaching out to local community leaders and asking them to speak to community members to be aware of the flooding and to ensure that they do not stay where they may experience flooding. during the rainy season.

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