‘It was good to have the training ground busy and a lot more traffic to the club’ – Crawley Town caretaker manager on Sidemen stars training at cluyb

After the Sidemen Charity Match a month ago, brothers Tobi, Manny and Jed had the opportunity to come train with Team Crawley. This with a potential FA Cup appearance on Saturday in store. After practice, Young was quick to congratulate them, saying, “They immersed themselves in the group…hope they enjoyed it.”

The impact the trio have had on the club in terms of recruiting and introducing Crawley to a more international audience is indisputable. “It was good to have the busy training ground and a lot more traffic to the club.” Young said. “Our owners don’t conform to the standard, and I think that’s what’s going to allow us to have greater reach as a club.”

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Young is unbeaten in his five games as manager of Red and is a fan favorite to land the permanent role in the future. Tobi, understanding this, spoke about the impact he had on the club – something he saw during the training session. “I know he’s just taken over and they’re in good shape. They are doing very well. Morale was really good in training because from what I heard we ended up in a tough session.

They were really welcoming, made us feel at home, part of the team. I cannot thank the technical staff and the players more. They were brilliant.

Young also spoke about the impact they had on the players. “I think the boys were more excited about them being here than the other way around.” said Young. This was backed up by Ashley Nadesan who spoke about their involvement after the session saying “they were really good”.

“We didn’t really know what to expect, but we saw some of their videos. I feel like they found it a bit difficult, but it was really good to get to know them and play with them.

Tobi Brown at Crawley Town training ground on Tuesday

The brothers faced a lot of criticism for their involvement with the team, with many believing they shouldn’t be involved. Speaking on these criticisms, Nadesan explained: “We all know they love football and coming to train with a professional club, they would tell us, that’s what they want to do. I don’t think that they looked uncomfortable there, so it was good to have them.

Crawley will face Accrington Stanley in the FA Cup 1st Round on Saturday November 5.

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