Mauchline charity event returns for NHS Ayrshire & Arran staff

Rockers, fundraisers and revelers are gearing up for the return of a popular music and charity event to Mauchline next month, which aims to raise thousands of pounds for deserving NHS staff.

Running since 2016, TomFest 2021 is an annual fundraising event which has so far raised an incredible £13,000 for various causes including Alzheimers Scotland and Parkinsons UK.

This year, however, those behind Music Day, which will feature seven of Ayrshire and the Central Belt’s most popular bands, have teamed up with the Ayrshire Board of Health and ‘Arran to raise £3,000 for their Staff Welfare Service which is located in hospitals such as Girvan, Ayr and Kilmarnock.

Photo credit: John McBean.

Event organizer Tom Murray explained: “In 2016 a group of colleagues and I decided to raise money for Foundation Scotland. People were fed up with being asked for money and it was hard to raise the funds so I was inspired by an Ayrshire event that no longer exists called Bella’s Bawl. I thought, if they can do it, why can’t I?

“I held my first event in Prestwick and then moved to Mauchline as it sold out in two weeks and there were more places. It sells out every year now.

“I don’t have any charities close to my heart, so if anyone offers me one I’ll do it for it, but nurses were at the forefront of everyone’s mind this year. I was approached by a nurse to do this for the wellness unit.

“One of the stipulations I have is that the money stays in Ayrshire. Even though we raise money for national charities, I still have a guarantee that the money will go to Ayrshire branches.

Cumnock Chronicle: Photo credit: John McBean.Photo credit: John McBean.

The Wellness Team provides mental health support and addresses emotional, practical and physical wellness interventions at various levels, from a listening service to clinical psychology input.

A secure wellness area is also available for staff to have a cup of tea, share experiences and relax away from their clinical areas.

Tom added: “I stick with three bands playing that day, one of them being Wildcard who come from Mauchline, Catrine, Cumnock and Ayr. This year, the RAD Group and Buzzworks donated prizes, as did the Dumfries Arms and the Loch Lomond Group.

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