Miss World franchise holder targets wins and charities


Fashion designer Charu Lochan Dass, the new holder of the Miss World TT franchise. – SUREASH CHOLAI

NEW Miss World (TT) franchisee Charu Lochan Dass wants the next Miss World to be from Trinidad and Tobago and that the good deeds of local delegates will have a lasting impact on communities in need. She was addressing the Miss World (TT) media launch, held on Wednesday night on the roof of the Brix Hotel in St Ann’s.

She spoke on the theme, Recognizing Our Past Achievements and Defining Our Future.

Thanking her predecessor Brian Gopaul for his kind words and guidance, she said, “You have truly done an outstanding job with the franchise and we intend to follow in your footsteps.”

Lochan Dass said for her that this competition is about national service, that is, service to the country, to the community and to the young girls and women of TT.

“We will give hundreds of girls this unique opportunity to represent Trinidad and Tobago on the world stage.”

She identified strongly with the aim of the Miss World pageant to bring humanitarian issues to the fore, with a mission to help those most in need.

“This mission resonated with me, because I too believe in giving back.”

Lochan Dass said the contest is now celebrating its 70th anniversary, guided by beauty with a goal motto from Julia Morley, head of the global organization, widow of founder Eric Morley.

“Her role in reinventing the competition into one that not only recognizes confidence, beauty, talent, athletic ability and modeling, but also humanitarian work, is known around the world.

“As part of the competition, real and tangible projects will be initiated and developed that will impact our communities with women and children in particular.

“We will work with the girls to keep their projects going long after the competition ends, to bring long-term positive effects to our communities. As a franchisee, I would like this to not just be a legacy but a responsibility !”

She recalls working on the competition in 2018 with then-director Gopaul.

“I have enjoyed working with all the young girls and women whose passion and spirit of achievement has translated into a love of self, community and country. This is what inspired me the most to organize this contest.

Lochan Dass hoped to renew the global excitement she felt watching the contest in her youth.

“I remember as a young girl lying awake one night a year, glued to my television waiting to see if Miss Trinidad and Tobago made it. It was a unique and heartwarming experience for me and I am sure many of you do as well.

“In 2022, our goal is to inspire that surge of anxiety and nervous excitement like we have done so many times before with Giselle La Ronde, Michelle Khan, Magdalene Walcott, Kenisha Thom, Valene Maharaj, Gabrielle Walcott, Sarah Jane Waddell, Tya Jane Ramey and Jeanine Brandt, all of whom have been shortlisted as finalists.

Miss World 1986 Giselle La Ronde West and Miss World TT Jeanine Brandt at the launch of Miss World TT 2022, Brix Hotel, St Ann’s on Wednesday evening. – SUREASH CHOLAI

“And let me assure you ladies and gentlemen that we are working tirelessly to ensure that the next Miss World is a girl from Trinidad and Tobago!

“We want to attract the best women who exude beauty, grace and talent from the two islands of Trinidad and Tobago.”

Lochan Dass warmly thanked everyone who joined his team.

“This year we will have special contests and prizes for our top model, our top talent, a fitness challenge and our social media segments. All of these, as well as our Beauty with a Purpose event, will have sponsors titleholder, so please let us know if you have any interests,” she said.

“In closing, I want to urge all of our beautiful and talented girls and women – our friends, daughters, nieces and even grandchildren, all between the ages of 18 and 25 to sign up.

“The Miss World TT pageant is not just a beauty pageant. For our young girls, it creates value, self-esteem, teaches them new skills, improves their career prospects, their networking, their global exposure and a more diverse outlook on life.”

Lochan Dass was happy to have expert trainers including Richard Young, Bally, Lisa Ghany and Adrian Raymond.

“On behalf of the local leadership team, I want to assure each of you here tonight that we will work tirelessly to guide, train and mentor our next Miss World representative.”

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