Network for a Better World is looking for volunteers to work in Malawi

We are a small charity based in the UK, set up by people who have all worked as volunteers in Africa. Our goal is to work in partnership with the people of the rural community of Sitima, to promote sustainable development and to empower people with skills and opportunities that will help lift them out of extreme poverty.

We have environmental projects, for example, a solar-powered irrigation system, agricultural skills training, solar lamps, vegetable gardens in the villages and a tree nursery.

We are investing heavily in education, with training and service advice for headteachers and teachers and funding for new classrooms and latrines

In the community, we started craft groups for women, health counseling sessions, adult literacy and an extensive sports program. We have a disability program where advice, aids and equipment are given to children and adults with disabilities and their families.

Our goal is to hand over control of our projects once they are operational to the local community.

We are looking for volunteers who can spend a month to a year working in Malawi. We welcome applications from: teachers, healthcare professionals, social workers, construction and agricultural workers, athletic trainers and those skilled in crafts or business development. Alternatively – just tell us what you can offer.

Comfortable accommodation is available in the house of a volunteer on the grounds of a Montfort mission.

For more details, see: or email [email protected]

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