Norwich City Community Sports Foundation scores practice goals

As the official charity of the Norwich City Football Club, the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation helps thousands of people achieve their goals through sport every year.

They urgently needed to find an online solution to continue to deliver and prove their own compliance training seamlessly during the pandemic.

After asking for recommendations, they reached out to TrainingToolz to set up a meeting to find out more. The meeting allowed everyone to discuss the training goals of the Foundation and TrainingToolz to ensure that they could provide a solution that fits the goal and budget.

TrainingToolz’s out-of-the-box solution was a perfect fit for the Foundation. So they signed up immediately and quickly got to grips with downloading content and distributing courses.

Paul Harding, Head of Compliance, Inclusion and Impact, Norwich City Community Sports Foundation, said:

“The system was so easy to use we were up and running within an hour. “

The Norwich City Community Sports Foundation supports and inspires their community, with goals centered on promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities, improving mental health and well-being, and supporting disadvantaged people to raise their aspirations. .

Paul continued:

“We work with vulnerable people and as such it is essential that we can train our staff both remotely and on site and verify that essential training has taken place.

“Some of our stakeholders are not familiar with the technology, but the TrainingToolz system was easy to use on any device. “

Norwich City Community Sports Foundation

Paul and his team have extended the range of content they offer through the platform to include introductions for new staff, training for volunteers, posting and documenting acceptance of policies and procedures, and online courses for parents and students. They also use it for staff welfare surveys as remote work continues.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in January 2022, the Norwich City Community Sports Foundation supports some of the region’s most disadvantaged, disabled and talented people. They strive to provide inclusive environments for people with disabilities, to address associated loneliness, anxiety and inactivity, and to engage with young people at risk of being excluded from school.

They also manage affordable programs and development opportunities for the wider community, including schools.

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