Our country will miss Biden’s student loan ‘forgiveness’ program

I was not brought up in a family with a lot of money. In fact, I was raised by a single mother. I don’t want any sympathy for that. My mother is the hardest working woman I have ever met and she instilled the work ethic in me the same way she did other values ​​that she wanted me to learn. She taught by example. Living in his house I learned that nothing is free, work is hard, you get what you earn, life isn’t fair and you pay your bills.

I took these lessons with me to the University of West Alabama where I signed my name on student aid loan agreements to help fund tuition that was not covered by my scholarship. of football. When I graduated I went to work and paid that student loan bill every month, just like I paid my monthly cell phone bill, rent payment, car payment, and insurance automobile. These loans were mine. I signed for them. I took the money. I deposited it in my account and spent it. It was my obligation to pay it back in full and that’s exactly what I did. It wasn’t easy and I certainly would have preferred to spend that money on something else, something more fun, but I knew right from wrong. My mother made sure of that.

Now President Biden wants to “forgive” student loan debt to make life easier for adults who don’t want to fulfill the obligations they incurred when they applied for, accepted, and spent their student loans. The economic calamity associated with Biden’s decision is obvious, but the impact this “pardon” program will have on the future of this nation cannot be calculated in dollars.

Biden is sending the message to Americans that your word means nothing. Your signature on a legal loan document can be ignored and then “forgiven”. You no longer have to work hard and go without luxury items until your bills are paid. Take that money you were supposed to spend on paying off your student loan and go get the latest iPhone instead. Treat yourself to a nice dinner or a vacation you didn’t think you could afford. Then sit back and wait for the government to step in and “forgive” your debts.

Biden sends a message to the waitress who works two jobs and saves money for her tuition that her hard work means nothing. She should have just taken out loans she knew she couldn’t afford, then waited for Biden’s magic pen to “forgive” that debt.

Biden also sends a message to the men and women who chose the military as a way to fund their college aspirations that their sacrifice to this nation was truly worth nothing. After all, civilians who have not chosen the military path have their debt “forgiven”. How will we ever forgive the debt we owe those who volunteered to fight for this nation and defend us against our enemies with the promise of a college education in return? Biden doesn’t care.

People learn by example and the young people of our country learn that hard work does not matter. The sacrifice is not important. Loans don’t really have to be repaid. Biden is teaching the next generation to do whatever they want, borrow money to pay for it, then wait for “forgiveness.”

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May God forgive us all for what is happening to this country.

Rep. Scott Stadthagen is an elected Republican representing Alabama’s House District 9.

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