Pink the Basin Celebrates 3rd Annual Charity Event at Dillard’s in Midland


MIDLAND, TX (KOSA) -Pink the Basin is celebrating its 3rd fundraising charity event this year.

The nonprofit has been selected by the Dillards to host their event at the store after hours and customers have the option to support the organization by checking family wish lists as they transition to vacations.

“We’re very happy that Dillards is offering this time around so you can do your Christmas shopping,” said Carolina Keith, Executive Director of Pink the Basin.

Guests who shopped tonight also had the opportunity to wrap their gifts and get them ready for the holidays.

Being able to host the charity event gives the nonprofit organization a chance to raise funds for those in need.

“We are really delighted that Pink the Basin is joining us. You know our last year and a half was very difficult for all of us and a lot of charities suffered because they couldn’t do their fundraising so for us to be able to give back to the community is just a great opportunity, ”says Sandra Crain, manager of the Dillards store in Midland.

While people are walking through the department store… they can stop by the Pink the Basin table and learn more about breast cancer awareness.

“With the people coming, some of them know Pink the Basin and some don’t, that’s why we want to be here to thank them for coming and supporting us. Not only that, we also want to educate them, ”says Keith.

With all the contributions that have been collected from the association, all the money stays in the Permian Basin to help those in need during difficult times.

“We want everyone to be able to have a mammogram, whether male or female. We are fundraising and if with covid you know a lot of families have lost their jobs. Insurance, you know, has high deductibles. Well, that’s where we come in. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have their mammograms. It’s so important, ”says Keith.

Keith says 10 percent of the profits made from the charity event will go to Pink the Basin.

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