Police force facing calls to investigate Mermaids received trans training from charity

Laura Farris, a barrister and Conservative MP for Newbury, said: “Given the serious allegations of child protection failures made against mermaids in recent weeks, it is imperative that any investigation is seen to be impartial and transparent.

“It is concerning to read that West Yorkshire Police have used the services of Mermaids and the public may question whether they would be able to undertake this investigation fairly.”

On its website, Mermaids said it “regularly trains professionals who seek to learn, listen and improve, in the NHS, schools, social services, CAMHS [child and adolescent mental health services]police and uniformed services as well as other charitable, corporate and public sector customers”.

He has previously released statements saying he offers “trans awareness training.”

In 2019, Mermaids confirmed that it had provided training sessions to Merseyside and West Yorkshire Police and that representatives from other forces had attended one session.

In footage from one of the sessions shared on social media, the slides included a 1-10 scale with a Barbie on one side and a GI Joe on the other, and asked, “Where on the spectrum could be your gender identity?

The Mermaids later claimed that the Barbie ladder to GI Joe was ironic.

West Yorkshire Police have refused a number of freedom of information requests asking for details of their contacts with Mermaids, largely on cost grounds.

Following The Telegraph’s investigation, the Charity Commission launched a ‘regulatory compliance case’ over concerns about the charity’s ‘approach to protecting young people’.

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