Precarious education prompts teenager to get involved in charitable work

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Boitumelo Makhurane, columnist
MUSEUM Through his difficult upbringing, 19-year-old Tyrese Maseko vowed that other children should not suffer in the same way he does.

With determined ambition, the teenager from the suburb of Nketa created a charity, Africa Reunion Trust, which was registered last year to help children in need. Being an orphan and having a poor education motivated him to start a charity dedicated to helping orphans, people with disabilities and families headed by children.

Tyrese also works to raise awareness of social issues. It is a charitable organization dedicated to helping children in need.

After his mother died in 2015 when he was 14, Maseko had to take care of his younger sister and life was not easy for both of them as he had to take on adult-sized physical and mental chores. .

He sold part of the homestead to raise funds.

Tyrese still plays the role of parent and brother to her brother who is now 14 years old.

“I am an orphan; I never saw my father and lost my mother on my first day in high school in 2015. Life after my mother died was not easy. I have been rejected by many people, relatives and friends. I had to stay with my younger sister who is 14 and sold my late mother’s sewing machine to make ends meet even though it wasn’t enough to meet all of our needs, ” said Tyrese.

He said he swore to himself that the other children wouldn’t suffer like him.

He then ventured into the art of designing dolls called puppets that often resemble a person that are animated or manipulated so that they can move their hands, arms, or have control devices such as rods or rods. ropes to move the body, head, limbs, among others.

Tyrese said he used the money he got to support his brother and other children in need.

“I ventured into puppetry, got hired by churches, schools, and got the small amounts that helped me start the organization and donate,” Tyrese said.

He said he had the opportunity to be part of the National AIDS Council’s youth network and gained experience working with other young people and seeing the plight of other young people, which motivated him to give the little he had.

Tyrese also raises money to donate to vulnerable people by selling vegetables he gets from his garden.

“I used the money I earn from selling vegetables that I grow in my garden to buy basic items like sanitary clothes for the girls. I bought food, masks, clothes and blankets for orphans, street children and some families headed by children, ” he added.

The adolescent’s wish is to help those who are struggling to put food on the table. This inspired him to found a charity called Africa Re-union Trust whose goal is to end poverty by meeting basic needs and educating communities on how to fight poverty and hunger.

“Our goal is to end poverty by donating and helping orphans, people with disabilities, street children and families headed by children. We also offer courses on HIV and AIDS, ” Tyrese said.

He said last month that he was able to mobilize young people and organized a health awareness campaign in Nkulumane, where he partnered with some organizations that then raised awareness among young people about health issues.

“Last month, we organized a health awareness event in Nkulumane where we partnered with different organizations and young people were sensitized on health issues and received hygienic clothes for girls,” he said. he declares.

He appealed to supporters who would also like to give to people in need and develop his organization and be able to reach large numbers of people in the city.

He can be reached on the mobile number 0779053378. – @ Boity104

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