senior LDHS to be part of athletic coaching staff at Carolinas Shrine Bowl | New

Mason Gibbs is currently a senior at Laurens District 55 High School. He recently had the opportunity to be part of the athletic coaching staff at the Carolinas Shrine Bowl.

The Shrine Bowl is an annual charity event in the Carolinas for Shriner Hospitals, dating back to 1937. This year’s game is scheduled for December 17 at Spartanburg High School Vikings Stadium.

All proceeds from each annual game go to Shriner Hospitals, a hospital system the Shrine Bowl describes as “a world-class healthcare facility focused on treating children so they can enjoy the life we ​​hold. all for granted”.

Gibbs will contribute to this cause in the way he knows best: athletic training.

Gibbs began coaching athletics during his sophomore year of high school and has since worked as a student athletic coach with the LDHS soccer team. He first sparked interest during his time with physical therapy after a sports injury.

“I had a health background, because my mom is (a registered nurse) and my dad is a paramedic, so I already knew a lot,” Gibbs explained. “I had taken health classes and was already helping, so my good friend and mentor Buddy Franklin, who was (the athletics coach) at the time, asked me to be a student coach of ‘Athletics.”

From there, he shaped his career path around athletic training and plans to attend Charleston Southern University in the fall, study in their athletic trainer program, and become a certified athletic trainer.

Franklin is the one who originally recommended him for the job of athletic coach at the Shrine Bowl. During this process, he was replaced in his position by Amy Collins, current sports coach for LDHS. Collins saw the same skill and initiative in Gibbs and immediately picked up where Franklin left off, echoing Franklin’s letter of recommendation and writing one of her own.

Gibbs hasn’t heard details about the Shrine Bowl schedule, but he’s excited to see where this opportunity will take him.

“I’m so happy to be able to participate in this event, and I’m sure it will be an event that I will remember for a long time,” said Gibbs.

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