Singapore Hospice Council raises $472,000 for palliative care awareness and training

SINGAPORE – The Singapore Hospice Council (SHC) raised approximately $472,000 at a benefit concert on Saturday evening to raise awareness of palliative care and improve the quality of these services here.

The funds will be used for the council’s advocacy work and to train carers in areas such as pain management and bereavement support.

Palliative care aims to relieve suffering and improve the quality of life of people with serious and often terminal illnesses.

At the concert held at the School of the Arts Singapore, Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin said it was important to talk about death with loved ones, even though it is not easy to do so.

He said: “Health expenditure rises dramatically in the last six to nine months of a person’s life. With medical science we can prolong life, but if the quality of life is as it should be, maybe not. We all have to deal with these issues.”

The council’s executive director, Sim Bee Hia, said increased public awareness of palliative care means more people can seek help to better support their loved ones.

“Palliative care is most effective when considered early in the disease. It improves patients’ quality of life and reduces unnecessary hospitalizations,” she said.

Ms Sim added that the funds will go towards training caregivers in skills such as administering medication and proper nutrition for patients with advanced disease.

Saturday’s concert featured performances by local singer Kit Chan, radio DJs, and staff and volunteers from SHC, Tzu Chi Singapore Charity and HCA Hospice.

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