Soul App Collaborates With WABC On The Different Socks Day Charity Event As A Rising Star In Socialization And Social Responsibilities

The concept of “Different Socks Day” began in 2016 with the WABC Charitable Initiative: each year the 23 december, people wear mismatched socks to show their willingness to care for people with autism, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome, and their families. People participate in this event in order to call for public awareness and understanding, to alleviate prejudices towards struggling groups and to make society united and diverse.

In recent years, “Different Socks Day” has grown into a well-known charity event thanks to its offering of a warm and caring purpose with revolutionary means of participation.

As a social platform bringing true joy to Generation Z, SOUL made the most of its strengths and planned a series of charity programs for this event. Users can design their favorite designs on virtual socks, which will later become the decoration of the Christmas tree on the event page where personal Christmas cards are generated. By sharing these greeting cards on social platforms, users can participate in the discussion on the event titled “Different Socks Day, Dare to Be Different”. Additionally, Soul App calls on its users to take simple steps like wearing mismatched socks and posting photos about it that day to encourage more people to join the event, so the charity event is became more than just doing the right thing, it is now a trendy thing to follow.

Experts say that in recent years, charity events seem to have become more attractive to younger generations. Age groups under 25, including Gen Z, have become a driving force for charity and will keep that momentum going over the next decade. Internet platforms increase the influence of charitable efforts and enrich approaches to charity participation. Expanding the coverage of different values ​​in charity work, among other aspects, also plays an important role as a key link between charitable activities and young people. As more young people participate in creation and become part of charitable work, social platforms like Soul, which are popular with Gen Z users, will become important arenas for these events and activities in the future.

Facilitating charitable activities is one of Soul’s many social responsibility goals to provide authentic care that respects individual values ​​and promotes individual development. This is deeply linked to the philosophy Soul holds as a company legacy. Going forward, with core values ​​of kindness and goodwill, Soul will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities in more diverse ways.

Soul Application: Soul The application was launched in november 2016 and is a soul-based intelligent social network platform. Users can express themselves authentically and fairly on the platform and find friends with whom they can communicate in depth. Soul App recommends people and content that users can like with just one click thanks to a “smart match algorithm”. Soul App helps users communicate with potential friends so that they can chat anytime, anywhere, reducing loneliness, improving users’ quality of life, making individuals happier and creating a more united society. and better.

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WABC: in 2010, WABC (World of Art Brut Culture) was founded in Shanghai as a private, non-profit organization dealing with the population with special needs (autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, etc.) with artistic potential development courses, and provide opportunities for trainees to show their artistic talents. WABC training, as a complementary therapy, has been shown to be effective in both the cultivation of interest and the rehabilitation of special needs.

The WABC Charity Foundation was founded in 2016, with the hope of promoting society to make remarkable strides in accepting people with special needs and making real and lasting changes in social inclusion.

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