Southend Dog Training owner on puppy lockdown issues

A SOUTHEND-based dog trainer says the coronavirus pandemic should have been the perfect environment to raise a puppy, but has instead created a massive increase in dogs with behavioral issues.

Adam Spivey, owner of Southend Dog Training, told the Echo he had seen a massive influx of dog owners seeking his help as they struggled to transition from lockdown to normal life.

And he said the problem wasn’t people losing interest in their pets, but that they weren’t anticipating the impact of the end of the pandemic.


Mr Spivey, who grew up in Southend and now lives in Wakering, said: ‘On the face of it, it was an ideal time to have a puppy. People only had free time, not knowing when they would return to work.

“But inexperienced owners were paying too much attention to their dogs while they were stuck indoors.

Training – Adam Spivey says behavioral issues have increased during lockdown.

“There was a massive spike in cases of anxiety when people went back to work, because you had all these dogs doing three or four walks a day, lots of attention at home, and when the reality of the work was hitting, they couldn’t keep it. at the top.”

Mr Spivey’s experience is echoed by research undertaken by the charity Dog’s Trust.

In a recent survey, the charity found that harmful behavior had risen sharply during lockdown, with an 82% increase in reports of dogs whining or barking when someone was busy.

Of the owners surveyed, an additional 20% said their dogs sought attention more frequently, while 41% reported an increase in their dogs being clingy or following people around the house.

Training - Adam Spivey says behavioral issues have increased during lockdown.

Training – Adam Spivey says behavioral issues have increased during lockdown.

Anxiety was also on the rise, with 54% saying their dog hid or moved away when approached.

Mr Spivey says many owners continue to struggle to control the extreme behaviors of dogs undergoing a drastic lifestyle change.

He added: “As a result, these dogs would exhibit behavioral issues with anxious dogs tearing up houses while away, barking and even acting aggressively and pouncing on people.”

“The lockdown should have been a blessing in disguise, with all this time to teach them how to behave. But many owners have failed to properly socialize their puppies.

Mr Spivey, a former casino worker, quit his job to train dogs full time in 2012, setting up Southend Dog Training.

The 32-year-old company recently exploded in popularity after setting up an online service which saw thousands of people around the world flock to it to help train their puppies with the coronavirus pandemic putting a end to in-person training.

The company offers in-person training across England and Scotland and has half a million followers on various social media platforms.

The company’s online training program currently has 9,000 current members, including members from South Africa, the United States, Brazil and Australia.

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