Sudbury News: New affordable housing project offers paid job training

With the continued demand for affordable housing, the City of Greater Sudbury and Raising the Roof, a national homelessness prevention charity, are partnering to create ten new rental units and provide paid job training.

The innovative partnership also creates opportunities to train and employ people facing barriers to employment in the trades.

The official inauguration of the renovations took place Tuesday on Kingslea Court in New Sudbury.

“Timing is critical and we are seeing people across the community who are struggling with homelessness and this is going to help a significant number of people find very affordable housing,” said Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger.

The houses were owned by the city and have now been purchased by Raising the Roof.

“The aim of the Reside at Raising the Roof scheme is to take vacant property and turn it into new affordable rental housing,” said Adrian Dingle, the charity’s director of housing development.

“And as much as we can work with social enterprise entrepreneurs, like community builders, to create training for community members. Those are the two ways we prevent homelessness in the communities we serve. “

The renovations will be carried out by Community Builders North, a new social enterprise entrepreneur in Sudbury that hires people facing barriers to employment for its internship program.

“Barriers to employment sometimes feel like you’ve never had a job before, like you haven’t finished high school,” said Carly Gasparini, Manager/Director of Community Builders North.

“You’ve spent some time going through corrections, all sorts of different things. You may have insecure housing and childcare issues. You may be part of a demographic that’s not generally not hired in the trades sector.”

In the past, in other parts of the province, 83% of interns have secured a paid apprenticeship or other full-time construction job after participating in the 16-week paid program, officials said.

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