Tall Ship Adventures With Sail Training Ireland sees Brian Ború depart from Cork City Quays

A tall ship, the Brian Ború left the docks in Cork city center today, with 10 young trainee sailors and 3 crew on board, as part of an annual initiative with Sail Training Ireland.

The Sailing Training Bursary Scheme, supported by the Cork Harbor Corporation as well as Cork City Council and Cork County Council, provides for two week-long trips each year along the Cork coast , to teach young sailors new skills.

The Cork Sail Training Bursary program was first developed in 2014, to use sail training as a proven method of developing and educating young people and to make sailing training aboard tall ships and sailboats accessible to young people. This year around 470 young people across Ireland will take part in thirty trips, bringing the total number the charity has helped to almost 2,900. Young participants are nominated by a network of youth and community groups in Cork and Places are available for young people of all backgrounds and abilities.

On board, the young people are part of the working crew, participating fully in the crew, piloting, maintenance, cleaning and cooking on board. They learn physical skills and key information about the sea and sailing, but the real lessons are confidence, leadership, communication, resilience and understanding diversity.

David Browne, Community Liaison Officer at the Port of Cork, said: “We are delighted to be participating again this year in Sail Training Ireland and its Sail Training Bursary scheme. Since 2014, we have sponsored approximately 170 interns through this program and look forward to continuing this journey, helping to equip young people with lifelong skills and experiences. It’s great to see this group of young sailors leaving today to develop new skills and make new friendships.

Daragh Sheridan, Managing Director of Sail Training Ireland, said: “It’s been fantastic to see these youngsters grow from a group of strangers at the start of the journey to a tight-knit crew at the end. They return not only with new experiences, but also with new skills, new friendships, and new directions for the future. This incredible opportunity has been made possible through the support of our wonderful sponsors The Port of Cork Company, Cork City Council, Cork County Council, Ardmore Shipping, NMCI and the Irish Institute of Master Mariners.

The Cork Sail Training Bursary program is one of the largest and most active on the island of Ireland and operates alongside similar programs currently operating in Belfast, Drogheda, Dublin, Waterford and Wexford.

At the end of the trip, an awards ceremony takes place where participants receive certificates and a number of trainees talk about the impact the experience had on them. This year, the ceremony will take place at the National Maritime College.

For more information visit the Sail Training Ireland website here.

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