The council has donated millions of pounds to a well-known network of brothers

Liverpool council paid just over £2.2million to a community trust in Croxteth.

Last year ECHO reported how the council paid £1,277,591 to a group of companies in Everton and Croxteth between 2013 and 2020.

A response from Liverpool Council to a Freedom of Information Act request included a payment of £811,933.86 to Alt Valley Community Trust (AVCT.)

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Phil Knibb is the CEO of AVCT. AVCT directors are listed as Roy Meredith, Lesley Baugh, Gerry Brennan, Joe Donnelly, Tony Jennings, Alma Mason, Dr Brian McDonough, Tony Rimmer and Sheila Sweeney.

However, ECHO can now reveal how Liverpool Council paid £2,231,065.00 to AVCT from 2013 to 2020. The largest single payment was over £600,000 in 2018.

The information was published in AVCT’s annual accounts on Companies House.

Payments were £237,971 in 2013; £201,634 in 2014; £300,405 in 2015; £307,122 in 2016; £105,044 in 2017; £619,221 in 2018; £170,040 in 2019 and £289,628 in 2020.

An AVCT spokesperson said: ‘I can confirm that the figures in our annual accounts submitted to the Charity Commission and Companies House in respect of Liverpool City Council payments are accurate.

A Liverpool council spokesman said: ‘We are looking at the numbers.

Last year, Liverpool Council revealed it paid £1,269,513.29 to the city’s network of community trusts between 2013 and 2020.

They disclosed the payments in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The question related to payments to charities and businesses associated with Phil and George Knibb.

George Knibb, who has been labor adviser for Norris Green since May 2019, holds a senior position at the NLRCO. Cllr Knibb reported this case.

The new figures bring the total sum paid to the network of connected charities to £2,696,722.63 between 2013 and 2020.

ECHO reported on the payments last November.

However, an inspection of their accounts by ECHO revealed a wide disparity between the £811,933.86 the council said they paid AVCT.

However, last week AVCT confirmed the accounts were accurate and that they had received £2,231,065.00 from the council between 2013 and 2020.

Alt Valley Community Trust, Altcross Road, Croxteth.

Last year’s amended board response also revealed that AVTC purchased Dovecot Multi Activity Center for £1 on 2 December 2016.

AVTC was awarded a 30-year lease at the Walton Recreation Center on April 24, 2013 at pepper ground rent [a lower than normal rent].

Last year, an AVCT spokesperson told ECHO that money received from Liverpool Council had been used to pay for community activities and services.

Last year the council also revealed they had paid £3,709,370.00 to NLRCO over the same period. However, ECHO understands that £3.5million of that money was linked to the NLRCO to make way for the land to make way for the new police headquarters.

ECHO previously reported how NLRCO bought the site from Bishop Goss for £125,000 in 1999.

They made a profit of £3,075,000 when they sold the land to Merseyside Police.

ECHO also revealed how NLRCO lent money to a property company. Information on Companies House reveals a charge, which is a type of mortgage, from GMJM Properties Limited to NLRCO.

Companies House reveals the NLRCO loan is secured at Pablino’s Bar and Grill, a restaurant on Smithdown Road. NLRCO said it approved a number of peer-to-peer loans to attract a higher interest rate. They said the loan to GMJM Properties Limited had been repaid.

A spokesperson for AVCT said: “I can confirm that the figures submitted in our audited accounts filed with Companies House and the Charity Commission are accurate. They have been compiled in accordance with financial procedures governing company law.

“May I reiterate that the discrepancy does not lie in the figures provided by the AVCT to regulators.

“All funding received from Liverpool City Council over the past seven years has been used to support a variety of community activities and services including the library, sports/leisure and community centres, education, training and the job offer.

“Like so many other similar organizations in the region, we are proud to have developed a positive working relationship with Liverpool City Council. This successful partnership will continue as it has achieved better results and service delivery for local communities.”

According to Companies House, NLRCO currently has assets of around £7.9 million.

A spokesperson for the North Liverpool Regeneration Company said: “Funding received from Liverpool City Council and the European Social Fund has supported over hundreds of challenging NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people. to be reached from disadvantaged areas.

“The training provided covered CSCS, first aid, manual handling, fire awareness and toolkits to progress them into employment or further training.

“As for the £3.8million, this has already been covered by the Echo and we can confirm that we continue to donate and support good causes through these funds.

“The £7.9m we are holding is not cash in the bank but the value of our assets.

“We have already committed £2.8m to good causes including Clare House, various youth clubs and the L6 community.

“The board has approved a number of peer-to-peer loans which have attracted a much higher interest rate.

“This particular loan (to GMJM Properties Limited) has been repaid in full.”

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