The local Hospice launches training sessions to recruit a new wave of volunteers

The Greater Trail Hospice Society is launching a variety of free training opportunities for locals to become bereavement support and palliative care volunteers that will run throughout March, April and May.

The move is part of a larger campaign to recruit a new wave of palliative care volunteers who want to give back to their local communities, make a positive impact and enjoy a heightened sense of purpose. “And no, it’s not depressing,” says Marg MacDermid, who has volunteered in various roles with the Greater Trail Hospice Society over the past three years. “It makes you feel good and brings you happiness. In fact, you get more out of it than you can give,” she adds.

The charity is also keen to attract men, as well as women, to its team to provide support and companionship to anyone in the community who is grieving or dying.

“A lot of people overlook palliative care volunteering because they think it might be too emotionally demanding or they won’t have enough time to do it, but once they get involved, they often want to started earlier. You can really make a big difference in someone’s bad, sad or painful day by just being there and shifting their focus,’ adds Jim Morris, who has been one of the charity’s bedside volunteers. and bereavement as well as a friendly visitor for the past three years. years. “You don’t need to have experienced grief yourself to help neutralize someone else’s grieving process either, but for those who have, it can be incredibly productive, meaningful and future-focused to channel that grief into something so positive and to share your coping skills with others,” he adds.

Our hospice society is much more about living and living well than it is about anything else,” says Board Chair and retired community nurse Brenda Hooper, who began coordinating hospice work in Rossland, Trail and beyond when it began in 1987. a compassionate and caring community, we are responsible for building support for the dying and bereaved, to relieve pressure on an overburdened healthcare system and to ensure that no one dies or mourns alone,” she adds.

Participation isn’t just for new retirees either! High school and university students looking for volunteer hours or experiences to enrich their resumes can also get involved with the organization by distributing posters, helping its marketing or fundraising efforts. of funds.

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