The Regional Food Banks Network is a partner of the “One billion meals” initiative

The Regional Network of Food Banks supports such a “One Billion Meals” initiative in the region to provide food aid to the poor and needy in 50 countries.

The Billion Meals initiative works with regional food banks, the United Nations World Food Programme, the charity and humanitarian organization Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the food bank of the Emirates and the Charitable and Humanitarian Organization. And the social organizations in the countries under the initiative. , Make optimal use of the capacities of its international, regional and local partners in its operations, to achieve food support equivalent to one billion foods, in particular for the less fortunate groups. Children, refugees, displaced persons and victims of humanitarian crises and natural disasters around the world. The partners of this initiative are helping to mobilize the efforts of a large number of organizations, institutions and individuals to bring the food assistance of the “One Billion Meals” initiative to those in need in 50 country to serve the cause of facing the challenge of hunger. It contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations for 2030. It also includes the goal of ending world hunger and opening the door for everyone to contribute to charitable and humanitarian work as a sustainable option.

Moez Al-Shahdi, Founder and Chairman of the Dubai-based Regional Food Bank Network, confirmed that the network is fully prepared to be a partner of the “Billion Meals” initiative for distribution activities in the many countries covered. by initiative. In coordination with local food banks.

For her part, Sarah Al Nuaimi, Director of the Office of Global Initiatives of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, said: “The collaboration with the Regional Network of Food Banks (Billion Meals) is a continuation of the integration path ongoing between Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum with the Global Initiative and supported project initiatives.

“This cooperative approach to charitable and humanitarian work maximizes its impact, expands its boundaries and involves whiter, compassionate hands in its field logistics operations, reaching those less fortunate with the direct support they need.”

The Regional Food Bank Network brings together the dozens of food banks that supported its creation in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, helping to feed those in need, alleviate hunger and fight food waste. . The network has saved an average of 58 million meals per month by 2021, and the network has helped 3.2 million families affected by complete closure during the “corona” epidemic, and qualified 810,000 volunteers.

Moyes al-Shati:

“Our partnership with Mohammed bin Rashid Global Initiatives extends to provide a food safety net for the less fortunate.”

Sarah Al Nuaimi:

“Cooperation in the field of charity and humanitarian aid increases its impact, expands its boundaries and engages in more compassionate hands.”

Tiger Group supports “Billion Meals” with 6 million dirhams

Walid al-Jobi, chairman of the board of the Tiger Group, announced his support for the region’s largest “billion food” initiative to help the poor by donating six million dirhams. , For such a massive campaign in the region, is one of the groups with the lowest food profit in 50 countries to provide food support to the needy, poor and those suffering from insecurity.

Thanks to his contribution, Al-Zoubi, along with a number of organizations, organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals, announced their support for the “One Billion Meals” initiative, especially in s addressing direct food support for vulnerable children, refugees, displaced persons and their groups. Has been plagued by crises and disasters around the world.

Al-Jobi said, “This initiative protects our renaissance and our money, and sows love for the UAE and its people in the heart of the world. They knew it creatively and they know it humanly.

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