The Women of Thatcham will hold a charity event in memory of a late friend’s cancer campaign

A group of Thatcham friends are raising money for a cancer campaign following the death of their friend Laura Kendrick.

The mother-of-two, who lost her battle with cancer at the end of February, launched her Kindness vs Cancer campaign to raise awareness of compassion within the NHS.

The funds are intended to train NHS oncology teams, who put compassion and empathy at the heart of their interactions, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

The late mother Laura Kendrick with her husband Grant and two children aged 8 and 11. Photo by: Grant Kendrick (55354554)

One of Laura’s friends, Michelle Yam, is hosting a fitness event in hopes of supporting the campaign.

She said: “‘Like everyone involved, I was deeply moved by Laura’s courage and wanted to do something to support this wonderful cause and help achieve the fundraising goal.

“As a fitness instructor, it was only natural that I would choose an exercise class with all proceeds from the Kindness Vs Cancer campaign. If exercise isn’t your thing, then there will be cakes for sale.

Another of Laura’s best friends, Natalie Taylor, will attend and said that as well as supporting Ms Kendrick’s family, the friendship group wanted to pursue what they believed to be Laura’s passion.

She said: “As a friendship group we try to help where we can with the campaign.

“[Laura] wanted to make a change so we all put our energy into it.

“That’s why this event is so important, it spreads the word. It’s not just for Laura, it’s for every patient.

She recalled what it was like to hear about Laura’s experiences as a patient, having to receive personal information over the phone, and said: ‘I was there during Covid when she was having these conversations. We had to wear masks and drive her to her appointments.

“She was having these life-changing conversations that impacted her mental health, we were also isolated at the time; it was difficult to support someone virtually.

The event will take place outside, behind the Hermitage village hall, on April 2 from 2:30 p.m. The course costs £10 with all proceeds going to the Kindness vs Cancer campaign.

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