What Happened When A Bodybuilder Tried A Sprint Triathlon Without Training

Fitness influencer and bodybuilder Matt Morsia, or MattDoesFitness as he’s better known, isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. However, even he had to admit that he may have bit more than he could chew while trying to complete a sprint triathlon without a workout for his latest YouTube video. “I am actually terrified. It could end very badly for me,” he said.

Morsia’s challenge was to swim 750m, followed by a 20km bike ride and a 5km run. In isolation, each of these efforts may not have been so difficult, but put together and with Morsia admittedly having the “cardio of a 90 year old bocce player”, this challenge was certainly not going to be easy. .

Still, the day starts off fairly simple, with Morsia and his mentor for the day, hybrid athlete Fergus Crawley, having a pre-challenge meal – a bowl of Coco Pops – but from there it’s the swim section of the triathlon, and it’s fair to say it’s the point where the day heads south.

Morsia admits he can’t crawl for more than 30 seconds without having trouble breathing, but not the type to let a little detail like that stop him, he manages to finish the swim and because of the rough waters, it is even 238 m taller. . “At one point I was swimming and I was pretty sure I was backing up,” Morsia said.

Then comes the cycle, which is quite difficult, but as Crawley points out, they end up in “a headwind as bad as I’ve known all my life.” Yet he does so, even if it is at the cost of his quads, which he claims to be “absolutely destroyed”.

With only 5km to go Morsia’s legs fail, but with a little encouragement from Crawley he still manages to complete the 5km in just over 27 minutes. Letting out a cry of “QUADS” as he collapsed at the finish line, Morsia was done.

Crawley says he’ll be back to help him complete an Olympic and Ironman triathlon, and we have to say we’d love to see him.

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