What is Food Network’s Big Bad Budget Battle? Release date, format and more details explored

The Food Network’s latest reality show, Battle for the big bad budgetwill pit home cooks against each other in the kitchen to create inexpensive, low-budget artisan dishes.

The show will be hosted by the author of pioneer woman, Ree Drummond, and will have a rotating jury. Most of these judges have already appeared on the Food Network.

The Battle for the big bad budget airs on the Food Network on August 9, 2022 at 10 p.m. ET. If viewers miss the episode, they can stream it the same day on Discovery+.

All about the Battle for the big bad budget

Battle for the big bad budgethow will the pot be stirred

As mentioned earlier, the Battle for the big bad budget will have home cooks competing against each other to create delicious dishes using affordable ingredients. Applicants will be given a strict budget that they cannot exceed and can only shop at Flavortown Market “the ultimate grocery store”.

In the Food Network press release, Ree Drummond said:

“I can’t wait for viewers to see these amazing home cooks in action, both with their creativity in the kitchen and their budgeting skills – they really are something to behold! As a home cook I myself am impressed with their ingenuity and ingenuity when planning, shopping and preparing their incredible dishes.

Each episode of the Battle for the big bad budget will last one hour and will have three home cooks who will have to save money and time while creating dishes over two rounds.

In one round, contestants will have to prepare a delicious brunch and in the other, they will have to prepare a high pot celebratory meal. They will be expected to prepare the dishes using leftovers and pantry items.

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According to Jane Latman, president of streaming Home and Food Content at Warner Bros. Discovery, the show will be action-packed and full of tips and takeaways for viewers.

Latman added that Ree Drummond’s warm, down-to-earth style along with her dependability and sense of humor make her the perfect person to host the show. She also notes that Drummond would be great as host of the Battle for the big bad budget it involves having a budget and grocery shopping to prepare amazing meals.

To make sure competitors don’t overspend, for every dollar saved, they could withdraw an additional $1,000. The cook who will win the Battle for the big bad budget will win a trophy and a year’s worth of groceries.

Meet the team

In addition to hosting the show, Ree Drummond will also be a judge on the Battle of the big bad budget. She will be joined by a rotating jury made up of Darnell Ferguson, Eddie Jackson, Beau MacMillan, Catherine McCord, Damaris Phillips and Justin Warner.

Ree Drummond

Anne Marie “Ree” Drummond is an American blogger, author, food writer, photographer, and television personality. The writer of pioneer woman was listed in Forbes Top 25 Web Celebrities in 2010.

She has a degree in gerontology from the University of Southern California and also studied journalism in college. Drummond also intended to become a lawyer, but she met her husband shortly after college and decided to put her plans on hold.

She currently lives on a ranch in Oklahoma with her family, excerpts from which are often incorporated into her books.

Ree started her blog Confessions of a pioneer in 2006 which was later changed to just Pioneer woman. However, the confessions segment on his blog remains one of the most successful.

In 2011, the 53-year-old chef launched her own show, also called The pioneer womanwhich still works on the Food Network.

Darnell Ferguson

Darnell Ferguson is a celebrity chef who makes regular appearances on the Food Network. He was the leader of the American team of athletes when they competed in the Olympics in 2022.

He rose to prominence through Food Network’s Champions Tournament, which transformed his life. The chef overcame a life of adversity by owning his own apartment and even his own restaurants.

Darnell was born in Philadelphia and while in high school, due to financial constraints, he was unable to earn a college degree. However, he managed to get professional training in cooking.

Later, Ferguson earned a culinary degree from Sullivan University but struggled to find employment. This led him to resort to selling illegal substances to survive.

However, the 35-year-old chef managed to turn his life around after starting to work with a friend in a restaurant.

Eddie Jackson

Eddie Jackson is an American chef and former football quarterback. He played in the NFL as a member of the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, and Washington Redskins.

After retiring from football, he became a personal trainer and also followed his passion for cooking. Jackson opened a food truck called Caribbean Grill in Houston. It was also at this time that he decided to pursue his lifelong passion full time and appeared in the fourth season of Chef in 2013. In 2015, the chef also competed in the Food Network Star in 2015.

As the winner of Food Network StarEddie has launched his own cooking competition series Quick BBQ where competitors had to create the best barbecue dishes. In 2016, he co-hosted a barbecue competition series for kids called Kids BBQ Championship.

Since then, Jackson has appeared on several Food Network shows.

Beau MacMillan

Beau McMillan is the Executive Chef of Pheonix Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain. He was a guest on Food Network’s kitchen stage in 2006 to take on Iron Chef Bobby Flay in American Kobe Beef Battle.

In early 2010, Beau co-hosted Food Network’s America’s worst cooks with Anne Burell and in 2012, he joined the team of Defeat the bosses. He was also part of Guy’s grocery games as judge and chef and won $16,000 for the St. Mary’s Food Truck charity.

Catherine McCord

Catherine McCord is a graduate of the Institute of Culinary Education and a former model. The chef first started showcasing her family recipes on her blog, Weelicious.com.

This judge of Battle for the big bad budget is someone who wears many hats.

McCord grew up in Louisville wanting to be an athlete, but was diagnosed with cysts in both hips, which changed her mind. At 14, Catherine entered a modeling competition with a friend and thus began her modeling career.

She was signed by Elite Model Management’s Look of the year contest in Japan. McCord has modeled for Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Calvin Klein and walked for Donna Karan. Although her modeling career flourished in the 90s, by the end of the decade she had branched out into television and was one of MTV’s hosts. line of love.

After 9/11, McCord’s perspective on life changed and she decided to follow her passion for cooking. She started working for different restaurants as she slowly shifted her focus from modeling.

However, it was only after becoming a mother that she started her blog.

Damaris Phillips

Damaris Phillips is a celebrity chef who graduated from Jefferson Community and Technical College with a degree in culinary arts.

She is also the author of A southern girl meets a vegetarian boy, which was published in 2017 by Abrams Books. Damaris is often seen on the Food Network as co-host of South and hunger as good as Bobby and Damaris show. She also won season 9 of Food Network Star. Her win led her to host her own show From South in the heart.

Justin Warner

The last judge of Battle for the big bad budget is a self-taught chef Justin Warner is a self-taught chef who won the eighth season of the Food Network Star. He is also the author of The laws of cooking and how to break them. Warner worked as a waiter at Danny Meyer’s restaurant, The Modernbefore starting out as a chef.

A man of many names. Winner of “Food Network Star”; host of Marvel’s “Eat the Universe”; the FOUNDER of the Crispy Boys Club; owner/executive chef of Bokujo Ramen; the self (and appropriately) titled “Broth Boi”. @EatFellowHumansAnd we teamed up with him. Tomorrow at 4 p.m. ET https://t.co/7DC8Ayz4bR

Justin was also the chef and co-owner of a Michelin-starred restaurant in Brooklyn named Make or dine.

Warner Hosts food appeala webseries on FoodNetwork.com

The executive producer of Battle for the big bad budget is Guy Fieri, and it is produced by Knuckle Sandwich and Lando Entertainment.

Viewers can stream the Battle for the big bad budget as episodes air on Discovery+ on August 9, 2022

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