Why I run charities through my foundation – Oil Money

The founder of Oil Money Records, Alafaa Kariboye-Igbo, commonly referred to as “Oil Money”, described his activities to lift the poor and less privileged out of poverty and deprivation in Nigerian society as part of his mission to add value to the people.

Established on November 5, 2020, the Oil Money Record Foundation led by UK-based Nigerian entrepreneur and philanthropist Alafaa Kariboye-Igbo has worked in five states in Nigeria, including some African countries.

The non-profit organization has not shied away from its responsibilities as it has helped the destitute in society with cash support to meet their pressing and urgent needs.

Recently the foundation, run by Oil Money, supported a little boy with the sum of N950,000 for medical treatment.

During the presentation of the cash assistance to the little boy, the employees of Oil Money, who gave the check to the parents of the little boy, reiterated the willingness of the financier and parent or of the company to support the less privileged of the society.

After reading a statement prepared and signed by Oil Money, the collaborators of the founder of Oil Money Record said that the foundation was interested in reducing poverty and other forms of deprivation in society.

The organization says it works primarily to alleviate the suffering of poor children, who have a long future ahead of them. Among other things, the Oil Money Foundation offers programs for children to expand their education, improve their health, create businesses and protect the lives of the poor.

“We are helping children lead healthier, more productive lives. We support their education, their security, their early preparation against pandemics.

“We are also focusing on the well-being of families to start their own businesses and also helping many students pay their tuition fees in many schools across the country,” the foundation said in a statement. available to the media.

The Oil Money Foundation recently touched the lives of some widows in Lagos and Edo states. Widows were helped by donating food, mattresses and more, to less than 20 of them.

“This was done to show widows that an organization has them on its agenda and, more importantly, to help them and meet their needs, especially the things they can’t afford,” Oil added. Money.


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