Youth Mental Health Ambassadors Host Halloween Charity Event For Teens


During this mid-term hiatus, the Youth Mental Health Ambassadors said they organized a student-led charity event to benefit Inclusion Cayman.

On Saturday, October 22, the Youth Ambassadors said 50 teens from across the island, all in costume, joined the Teen Halloween charity event held at Lucky Slice in Georgetown. The students raised $ 250 for the charity and also gave out prizes for the best Halloween costumes.

Jhadari Lumley, event planner and leader youth ambassador, emphasized the importance of events like these.

Jhadari noted:

I believe it is important to have events for young people in Cayman to give them a healthy outlet and to socialize with other young people. It helps teens build stronger networks and lasting relationships. These types of events also allow teens to get away from the stresses of their lives.

According to the Youth Ambassadors, the Teen Halloween Charity also showcased the talents of the all-female teen rock group, “Ask him”Which performed a mix of Halloween-based songs and covers of a wide range of music while maintaining social distancing.

The highlight of this Teen Halloween YAP event was the “Ask him”Band playing for us. They were talented and inspiring. They took away the night! I would like them to play at our future events as well.

Jhadari added.

According to a statement, the Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) for mental health is part of the Alex Panton Foundation and aims to raise awareness about many issues. One of YAP’s main goals this year is inclusion.

Isaiah Bodden, also YAP leader and event organizer, underscored the importance of inclusion in Caymans.

Isaiah said:

Unfortunately, on our islands we tend to judge others for what makes them different instead of accepting them for those differences which make us unique.

Our islands still have a lot to learn about the community of different abilities and we hope that through campaigns, donations and future events we can continue to educate and raise awareness for organizations like Inclusion Cayman.

Jhadari added:

Inclusion is such an important topic to talk about in the Cayman Islands, because the fact that people feel excluded for things they cannot control separates us as a society even more. This can create conflict and hostility. Inclusion is essential because it helps create a safe and secure environment in which people can live and thrive.

Teens can easily get involved in the Young Ambassador program by visiting their instagram page,, and following future events.

The group is also looking for the next group of young ambassadors.

Interested students can register for the next induction event, which will take place on Saturday, November 13 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The induction event educates new Youth Ambassadors on mental health issues, policies and solutions with the goal of helping the next generation.

The link for event registration is below:


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